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During the Iron Age of superhero comics (1980–87), the seeds of Postmodernism took root and, arguably, the first flowering was Crisis on Infinite Earths, a twelve-issue miniseries published by DC Comics from April 1985 through March 1986. Created by writer Marv Wolfman and artists George Pérez, Jerry Ordway, Mike DeCarlo, and Dick Giordano, Crisis was an attempt to restore clarity to DC's multiple narratives, which over the years had become plagued with internal contradictions. Most of DC's superheroes, including Batman and Superman, were given a makeover, one that was intended to simplify their histories and eliminate inconsistencies from their backstories, while also employing various Postmodern strategies to deconstruct the superhero.

Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy May 7, 2008–September 1, 2008 Special Exhibition Galleries 1st floor, The Metropolitan Museum of Art 1000 Fifth Avenue. New York, New York 10028.

Posted by: Annik

:: June Featured Artist ::


from Brisbane, Queensland - Australia

soul of a dog
soul of a dog
oil / ink / on canvas
The Boy Reappeared
Split and painted on two pieces / Oil on canvas
Oils/Matt Acrylic Spray Paint/Stencils - on canvas

to see more of sworph's art work ckick here

:: June Featured Artist ::


from Toulouse, France

Trakn' 1
trakn - suck

to see more of TrakN's art work ckick here

:: june blog ::

The Price Is Right.....?

Posted by: TAC

:: Japan's Shoes ::

Think your shoes are uncomfortable?
small japanese shoe
easy as 1
really yuck
now rap

Posted by: dk

:: you should really be working ::

not watching teenagers fight

:: gagosian gallery ::

Robert Therrien
May 9-June 14th 2008
small japanese shoe

24th Street • 555 West 24th Street • New York, NY Gagosian.

:: Coming up in next months Patriarch blog ::

• Our beloved (semi-new-almost-cool) art district in Chelsea-New York; a few things worth seeing; and just where did all the trannies go?

• Signs of the apocalypse.

• More featured artists and more things you shouldn't be watching.

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